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I just went through a pretty exhausting month of moving around and having last minute couches to sleep on. I only now just got settled back in to my home with my mom and sister and I want to get back to making some super cool friends here! I will be posting up soon some more random experiences and hopefully be more fun than I was February. I'm still getting my stuff organized here so I can't write much but just letting you guys know I'm back!

Claustrophobic Days

My tiny little corner of life feels so small. I enjoy going through life this way, but when you get stuck in a place you don't want to be it gets hard to see it as a good thing. If only I was back to a time when I had someone to love me and take care of me, then I could really feel ok with knowing that tomorrow would be the same. This is just me missing the past just a wee bit. I know I have to move on and find better things and learn from my mistakes so I can be deserving of those better things!

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Vision Blurred Heart Slurred

I often find myself hating my glasses and wishing contacts weren't so hard to deal with. I worry about my appearance at times even though I always get compliments on my looks. I just find it hard to believe sometimes that I can really be as pretty of a person as they say. Don't get me wrong I don't think I'm ugly just nothing special. I do think I have a nicer look without my glasses though.

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My Friendship Hasn't Set Sail Yet

Friends Friends. Who needs them? I do!!!! I will find friends sooner or later but for now my posting continues. 

I actually do want to find people to talk to and share with on here this seems like such an interesting community to join so I do hope I can find some friends soon. Maybe I'm just too shy and I don't know how to reach out but the next few weeks I will start adding People at random and hope for the best! Wish me luc.... That's right you don't know me yet and you can't. Well good luck me! 

My Love Of Cute Socks

I have mentioned before I have a strange love of cutesy socks and footwear, and I think I should emphasize. Growing up we were slightly poor and I didn't get tons of fancy clothes. Cellphones, Ipods, and even my old favourite gameboy colour, were only super special gifts given once a year. I had to learn to enjoy the smaller things in my life and I found socks.

Cheap, easy to use, AD-OR-EEEEE-BULLL, and always needed. I cherished those trips to the walmart with my momma because I had small enough feet that the bigger kids socks still fit me and I couldn't get enough of them! I had all my favourite disney classics riding around on my feet and maybe no body but me knew it but I always felt extra chipper wearing them. The dreaded white and gray normal socks were always around but I found my ways to avoid wearing them and pushing them off on my sister. 

To this day I still keep my love for socks but now they're less disney and more just plain girly. From knee high's to short fluffy ankle side socks I still have a pretty big collection I refuse to let go of! They will follow me around till they're old and can no longer be worn. Then they become hand puppets!!!

Lonely New Years

Just came home from a party and I couldn't help but feel alone here. Sure I have friends and family that love me but I will never forget my ex boyfriend who I miss terribly. He was mine for 17 months before we broke it off and I still regret doing that. My heart ache's on lonely nights like these when I can still remember the soft warm way he use to hold me and stroke my hair as i fell asleep. I guess I can explain about the love and loss I went through........

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Wanting More Time!!

It's been more than a week since I've posted and I still haven't found out how to find friends yet but I'll keep on posting and just have these entries up for later.

The Christmas week has come and passed and I got a dozen pairs of EPIC socks from my sister, yes I have an hidden love of cute socks, and some random money from a few relatives. I don't ever mind money as a present but it feels so impersonal and lacking in the caring department, but I'm not complaining more rent money for me. 

My momma did not get me anything for Christmas because she thinks I'm independent enough to find other people to mooch off during the holidays. I didn't make a big fuzz about it since I know she doesn't have much money and this is her proud way of handling it. She's always been a good mom so I really don't mind skipping a present from her this year. We still had a great time spending it together just us 3 again! Any time I get with my sister is just great for me since I get to be that super cool older sister and help her out with her growing pains. 

Last but not least I got a great pic of my adorable dog Shaley! She was mine since I was 16 and 3 years later I still think of her as my cute little fuzz ball. Isn't she just so snuggly looking? and OMG the bow.          

Hi To The LiveJournalists

Hello to everyone! I am new to this but I just needed a place to vent, rant, and try to meet some new interesting people. I have lived a short life compared to most but it feels like I can look back and see life times worth regrets and mistakes, but you can grow out of those problems and learn to keep moving forwards to reach a happier state of mind. I believe everyone deserves a place of their own to share and be heard without being judged. I also can be quite random and disorganized with my writing so my advanced apologizes if it gets to anyone.

Since I still haven't introduced myself I should get to it. I'm Stacy and I live in Washington but no set city at the moment. I have moved quite a lot as a young child around the state and now I still can't seem to find my home..... But 1 day I'm sure I'll find my place. Currently bunking in a friends couch if anyone is still wondering. It is pretty nice since she's 1 of my closest friends but I'm no rock star and I need a good nights rest in a warm comfy bed soooon. 

I have a younger sister that has shared some of my worst moments with and who I love more than anything. She's been there too many times for me and I always try to help her out as much as I can so I have an OK amount of experience with helping others so feel free to ask for a friendly eye and finger tips when you need to talk to me! 

I look forwards to starting my new adventure.